The Timewitnesses Project - the people who make it happen

We are an offshoot of the Chatback Charitable Trust run by a handful of volunteer workers - the Leamington Elders - an advisory group of retired teachers and academics.

The stories you can read were translated into German by the students of Anna Essinger Gymnasium in Ulm (seen here on the left) under the tutelage of their teacher, Heinz Mohn, and Tom Holloway and Pat Wallsgrove of LEAP had the great pleasure of visiting them in June 2000. We look forward to close co-operation with Heinz Mohn and the school, supported by Dr Carmen Stadelhofer of the University of Ulm.


Tom Holloway is founder and presently Director of TIMEWITNESSES. He worked for IBM for 25 years, during which he set up several early (1973) email links for the Insurance and Oil industries and was also on the development team of IBM's first email product (Text Routing System, 1975).

After some years in Marketing and IBM's internal Education departments (during which he was responsible for developing and teaching wide-area-network technology) in 1986 he was assigned for two years to the UK National Council for Educational Technology, looking at access technology for children with special needs and also started the 'Chatback Project' for communications-impaired children. He later set up the IBM-UK Support Centre for People with Disabilities.

His enthusiasms are cycle-touring, country dancing, and being friends with his six children. He retired in 1990 in order to develop TIMEWITNESSES full-time. To write to him click here and his personal website is here.

Sara (Saraswathy Subramanian) started as a volunteer helper when Tom Holloway returned from his India trip (see and she is now our Secretary and book-keeper. She is originally from Tamil Nadu, India, and she has lived and studied in several South East Asian countries.


Nick Middleton is Senior Lecturer in Information Design at the University of Coventry. Nick has been involved with the use of ICT in the educational setting for a decade and has helped and worked with Chatback's Director Tom Holloway on a number of projects. His current research interests are focused on the new technologies for streaming digital media over the internet and was a recent Guest at the Yahoo Online Film Festival in Los Angeles. You can write to Nick by clicking here.


Bill Jackson is Senior Lecturer in Multimedia/Film at Warwickshire College. He has offered his support to the TIMEWITNESSES project and has fifteen years experience in the area of multimedia film and video. He will be working with us on new developments and extensions to our projects and you can write to him by clicking here.

Updated 22nd March, 2005

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