For some of us it was just a great adventure - something we had to do because all the grownups said we had to do it. We weren't all frightened or fearful -- in fact for many of us it was a bit of a holiday. But for some it was a traumatic and horrible experience, especially when being lined up in a strange school hall and 'chosen' like you were a piece of second-hand baggage.

We'll tell some stories here below and you can judge for yourselves, and in some cases you can even write to the evacuee concerned and ask them to tell you more.


Sheelagh's story An unhappy childhood recalled
Enid's story

Three new sisters arrive from London

Hazel's story

From Lewisham in London to Ashford in Kent and South Wales

Joan's story

From Kilburn in London to Penzance in Cornwall

Pamela's story

From London's East End to 'somewhere in the countryside'

Nina's story

Balham, London, to Datchet in Kent

Malcolm's story London's East End to Tonypandy, Wales
Dennis's story Learning to enjoy a life of freedom and fresh air
Muriel's story From Birmingham to Wales



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