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Kees's story

Memories of a Dutch Schoolboy

Photograph of young Kees My war stories are the memories of a young dutch boy living under the German occupation and later finally liberated by the Canadians and the British. I have collected them in a little book published in French "La guerre dans ma cour" (the war in my backyard).

The war was very literally in my backyard with a German General's staff, his radio listening post, the allied airmen hidden far away in the garden, and later the Canadian military field hospital in our living room with blood and wounded soldiers around us. It was a strange, terrible and sometimes even exciting period for the 11 year old boy I was then.

My stories of the fall of 1944 are told from the viewpoint of a child and not that of a historian or a soldier. If you are interested you can read a few of them here :

Kees Vanderheyden
Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Canada
12th March, 1997

Kees is a member of the MEMORIES Panel of Elders. You can click here to write to him.

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